Cheryl-Lynn Chatrath

B.A., B.S.W., R.S.W., M.A., Registered Social Worker

Clinic Owner, Counselling Clinician

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Cheryl-Lynn Chatrath, Chatrath Counselling CentreI have been a practicing social worker since 2009, I am a member of the MCSW and a professional member of the CCPA. I hold a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in both Arts (Sociology) and Social Work from University of Manitoba.

I am experienced in working with children, adolescent, youth, young adult and adult clients. I am knowledgeable to work with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, and struggles with life changes, transitions and choices. My therapeutic approaches, strategies and techniques are tailored to suit individual client needs viewed through an attachment and trauma lens. I offer three specialty session options within my practice.  

  1. The first session option is to work with individuals using a tailored integrative holistic approach focused on their presenting concerns. Though I work with a wide variety of client populations including children, youth, and adults, there are two client populations for which I have a tailored professional skill set.
    1. The first are adult women needing support through challenging life transitions including changing family relationships roles, grief and loss, aging parents, separation/divorce, retirement/loss of job/change of job.
    2. A second client population for which I have a tailored professional skills set, personal interest and experience is to support parents and caregivers through the experiences of parenting children of exceptional needs both developmental and medical in nature. Parenting children of exceptional needs can be both a very rewarding and often challenging journey bringing to the parenting role a unique and additional layer of complexities. Supporting parents through this journey is a passion that roots in my personal experience as a parent of a now exceptional needs adult child with significant developmental delays, complex medical concerns and challenging behaviours.
  2. A second specialty session is my Parent-Child Coping Skills sessions. These sessions are designed to support children ages 5-11 together with a parent or care provider to learn how to better manage big feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness, and stress using an attachment approach.
  3. A third specialty session I offer is relationship coaching to support individuals within their relationships to improve communication, embrace vulnerability and trust to find a more harmonious balance and authentic connection.

There are no taxes charged on Social Work Services.

Registered Social Workers are authorized as Medical Practitioners under the Income Tax Act for the purpose of claiming medical expenses on income tax returns. (click for more info)

Clients may leave her a message at 431-205-3404 or contact her using our contact page to book an appointment.