Tyler McAllister


MAC Candidate Practicum Student Counsellor

Tyler McAllisterHello and welcome to Chatrath Counselling Centre! I am completing my Master of Counselling degree at Providence Seminary and it is a privilege to be conducting my clinical internship as part of the Chatrath Counselling Team. As people, we all struggle with different aspects of life at some point or another. Taking the first step to address these struggles is tremendously brave, wherever you are coming from.

As a military veteran and now counselling intern I am passionate about compassionately walking alongside people in their journey as they gain insight into their lives, stories, and circumstances discovering the inner strength that they possess to confront and address various challenges. I believe in a person-centred and goal-oriented approach, collaborating towards wholeness and well-being.

The treatment modalities that I include in practice are client focused and research based. Examples include: Emotional Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Narrative Therapy. Other models that are used include Internal Family Systems and Mindfulness practices. A collaborative process is essential as sessions are tailored to each individual. As a Practicum Candidate my clinical work at Chatrath Counselling Centre is supervised by a professional Clinical Supervisor who holds a Doctorate degree and has worked in the counselling profession for 45 years.

In addition to my Master of Counselling program I am also enrolled in training for Mindfulness Based Somatic Therapy (MBST). I will be a student member of 2 nationally recognized counselling and psychotherapy associations (CCAP & PACCP) and will be applying for the Canadian Certified Counsellor designation (CCC) upon graduation. I welcome and look forward to working with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds and will currently be focusing on teenage (15yr-17yr) and adult clients.

I very much look forward to meeting you!