Unlocking Mental Health Support for First Nations and Inuit Individuals at Chatrath Counselling Centre

Did you know that there’s a pathway to accessing therapy and support for your mental health? If you hold a Status Card, you may qualify for the NIHB program, which offers coverage for therapy expenses. Through Indigenous Services Canada, the Canadian government extends a helping hand to First Nations and Inuit communities, providing up to 22 hours per year of mental health counselling under the NIHB (Non-Insured Health Benefits) program. This means that a brighter future awaits, offering relief from anxiety, trauma, depression, and other concerns you may be facing.

At Chatrath Counselling Centre, we are proud to be an eligible provider for these benefits. Our team consists of dedicated registered social workers, registered psychiatric nurse and psychotherapists who are ready to guide you on your journey towards better mental well-being. We understand that life presents its challenges at every stage, which is why we offer counselling services throughout an individual’s entire lifecycle. Whether you’re a child, teen, young adult, single, couple, parent, co-parent, spouse, or part of a family, we’re here to support you.

Our counselling services cover a wide range of issues, including relationship changes, separation, divorce, loss of a loved one, anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, grief, troubling memories, and thoughts of self-harm or harm to others. We believe in providing a safe space where you can openly express your concerns and work towards finding effective solutions.

At Chatrath Counselling Centre, we offer both in-person counselling at our office in Steinbach, Manitoba, in Selkirk Manitoba at Unit B-511 Robinson Ave., and remote sessions through secure online web meetings. This means that regardless of your location in Manitoba, as long as you have an internet or phone connection, our counselling services are accessible to you.

Your mental health matters to us, and we are committed to providing you with the support you need. Take the first step towards a healthier and happier you by reaching out to Chatrath Counselling Centre today.